Product Building

Clear Charge is a cloud based product to automate the distributor's charge backs. It calculates , accrues and settles the charge backs in an efficient way.

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We provide consulting services to businesses by understanding their complex requirements, documenting them and implementing them in an efficient manner. Our well experienced and properly trained consultants make sure the project goals are fulfilled.

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We provide training in current technologies. Also provides training to the end users or super users to efficiently use and administer complex software systems.

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We solve complex business problems so the businesses run smoothly. In this digital age it is a must for business to have an efficient business systems to withstand fierce competition present in this competitive business environment. We build high quality business products and provides services to design and customize the system according to the ever changing business needs.

Our innovative cloud based ClearCharge product streamlines the charge back processing . It is processes charge backs, accrues and creates settlement documents efficiently. Chargebacks are bread and butter for most of the distributors and efficiently handling them improves profitability and customer satisfaction.

We provide following business services.

  • Collect requirements and create business blue print.
  • Design the solution
  • Build the solution
  • Test the Solution
  • Train the super Users